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Proxmox Module (9)

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 Setting up Auto IP for KVM (Updated 19th Apr 2017: OVH support)

***NEW Method***: with the new Auto Scripts Template feature you can now perform Linux/unix KVM...

 Installing PHP-SSH2 for KVM Auto IP

**Only Required FOR MODULE VERSION 1.3.1 or LOWER, STARTING this is optionaal as WE USE...

 Proxmox Backup Notifications Failing

Problem:   After Enabling Mailto feature for backup notificatins, no backup completion...

 NoVNC Support

Starting version 1.3.4, novnc support was added for proxmox node version 3.3. and above. You need...

 Getting error Could not poll for Version while configuring

Symptoms:Error: Could not poll for Version while configuringProblem:To be able to solve this...

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