NoVNC Support

Starting version 1.3.4, novnc support was added for proxmox node version 3.3. and above. You need to patch a file on proxmox server in order for novnc to run properly, to do so follow this steps:

  1. Downlaod your Proxmox provisioning module version 1.3.4 or above.
  2. Unzip and locate novnc-patch folder, you will find inside a file called pveui.js for proxmox 4.x or app.js for proxmox 5.x, we need to upload this file to proxmox server.
  3. Use any ftp/SCP tool like the one in cpanel or using your own WinSCP or filezilla program to access your proxmox server
  4. Browse to the folder: /usr/share/novnc-pve/include for Proxmox up to 4.x and /usr/share/novnc-pve/ for proxmox 5.x on proxmox server
  5. Upload the file pveui.js/app.js from step 2 and rename the existing file on server.
  6. That's it head to WHMCS > Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services and edit your proxmox product > module settings tab > check the box beside novnc console then save.


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