Installing PHP-SSH2 for KVM Auto IP

**Only Required FOR MODULE VERSION 1.3.1 or LOWER, STARTING this is optionaal as WE USE PHPSECLIB if PECL SSH2 is not installed**

For Auto KVM IP management, Module require the usage of SSH to modify and configure the DHCP server and reload it, this require configuring the nodes using root logins in WHMCS and to have Libssh2 for PHP installed/compiled on your WHMCS Server.

Windows on Xampp

  • Modify your PHP.ini under xampp/php and xampp/apache/ and uncommen the ssh2 extension then restart xampp.




  • Restart xampp apache service.


  • Enable the Repoforge:

CentOS 5 32Bit: rpm -Uvh
CentOS 5 64Bit: rpm -Uvh
CentOS 6 32Bit: rpm -Uvh
CentOS 6 64Bit: rpm -Uvh

  • Install libssh-dev on a fresh install of CentOS or cPanel based server..

yum install libssh2-devel
pecl install -f ssh2

  • Restart Apache when Possible

    service httpd restart
  • Check if ssh2 is enabled by running below and checking if returns output, if not then add it to extensions.

    php -m | grep ssh2


  • If above gives no output then add the php extension manually to the PHP.ini

echo -e "\" >>  /etc/php.ini

  • Restart Apache when Possible

service httpd restart




  • Install the needed packages:

    apt-get install libssh2-1-dev libssh2-php

  • Restart Apache when possible:

    service apache2 restart


I will put more by time as  come across, More info can be aso found here

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